If any parents ever have any concerns please do talk to me. I pride myself on being extremely approachable and will always endeavour to sort out any problems. It is inevitable there will be situations that arise which need sorting out every now and again, but as long as we keep communication open, we can ensure Studio 86 still runs as smoothly as it always has done and continues growing in its professional manner.


To order any pompoms, uniform or T shirts or Hoodies, please take an order form from and hand in by the last week on each half term to ensure your order goes through as quickly as possible. We ultimately wish all students to wear uniform to all classes if at all possible.


  • Black leggings/Black Shorts/
  • Studio86 Tracksuit bottoms (Street Dance/Commercial only)
  • Studio86 T Shirt or Hoodie.
  • Pumps, Jazz shoes or trainers


  • Studio86 T Shirt or Hoodie
  • Black shorts in Summer
  • Black Tracksuit bottoms in Winter
  • Trainers or pumps

Lyrical Ballet and Acro Gymnastics

  • Leotard/Catsuit (Colour depends on level)

Price Plan 2021-2022

Behaviour and Conduct

As you will hopefully see I take a fun and creative approach to teaching and respect each and every child. In return I ask that the children are well behaved, ready and raring to go on time. This will mean we ensure the best teaching and learning is taking place. We never have any behaviour problems at Studio 86; however on the occasion this should happen, we carry through these following steps:

  • A look or a verbal call of their name in a firm, yet calm voice.
  • A verbal warning reminding them of their need to behave well and a reminder of the consequences of their actions.
  • If a child has to be spoken to again, they will be asked to sit at the side of the room and wait 3 minutes until they are ready to re-join the class.
  • In this instance a parent/carer will be called by a member of staff and asked to be taken home until the next class.

Whilst we have this in place, a child will always be praised for their excellent work either verbally, or with stickers or various other treats we have that term.

Facebook Policy

Amongst all the controversy relating to Facebook, I now have a special account for those parents and students who want to keep in contact this way. This has been specifically set up for this purpose and has not got any personal details, or information on. It is to be purely used for people to maybe email the school quickly or ask a quick question whilst you are on there.

Please note that all photos or videos used will never have their child identified by name and if there is an issue surrounding this, please do let me know. If there appears to be a problem with this I will delete the account. I want to ensure this is just used for another form of communication and not to be used inappropriately.

If you wish to add this is Laura-Jane Studio Starlet or like Studio86.


As there are many different classes and lengths of classes, we have set up this system to ensure the system is easy to follow. All students should pay monthly unless a member of staff has had verbal or written confirmation that you wish to pay weekly due to circumstances. Preferable payment is via online banking and details can be obtained when you join.

So, how will it work?

Week 1 – Free trial session for anyone brand new to the Studio.

Until the end of that month – we have a settling in period. So the classes will be pay as you go until the end of that month.

From then on you will be given a payment plan. These are all set out to hopefully make it easy for you to see what you will pay each month for the whole year in advance.

This amount will then need to be transferred into the following account BEFORE THE 1ST OF EACH MONTH.

Account number: 43356915
Sort code: 09-01-27

Any changes throughout the year is totally fine, we will just need an email confirmation so we can tell you your new payment plan from then on.

Any cancellations of classes due to unforeseen circumstances, you will be informed of that credit before the next month and then you can knock that off when transferring the next months fees.

  • Payments are due before the first of each month. On the ‘timetable’ page of the website there is a year planner for monthly fees depending on the length of the month and how many weeks the school meets in that month. When payment is not possible, you must contact me to discuss.
  • Failure to pay fees will eventually result in students maybe being taken out of classes or events.
  • If you decide to leave a class, you will be expected to give one month notice and pay up until that point.
  • If a class is cancelled, a replacement class will be offered or in the worst case scenario, the amount will be taken off the next month’s fees.


Here are our exam guidelines and prices. Our exam term is usually the Summer term and we then hold an awards evening in the Autumn term to celebrate all our success! If you have any queries about our exams then please do get in touch.

Exams are taken in Ballet, Tap, Modern and Acro. We then have medal tests in Street Dance, Lyrical and Cheerleading. There is something for everyone!